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If you are an Indigenous owned business (Minimum 51% majority owned) you can register as an official voting member of the Newfoundland-Labrador Indigenous Tourism Association.  NLITA will also be accepting Associate Members (Non-Voting) as members wishing to support the growth of Indigenous tourism in the Newfoundland-Labrador Region.

For 2022 we will be offering a FREE MEMBERSHIP to both the Indigenous business owners (with voting privileges) as well as to the Associate Members (non-voting).  This will help to start identifying and building the database of companies that exist within the region and to identify how many market and export ready business we have.  This will also give us an opportunity to see how many business are interested but need support to get to the market ready level through support programs we will have in place for your business.

The following is an ONLINE REGISTRATION PROCESS where you will be directed to our Google Sheet Registration Form.  You will be asked to fill in as much information as possible.  In order for us to process your registration fully, please include valid personal and business information including your physical location, your contact information (ensure you enter your working phone and email information).  

You will also be asked to fill in some very short pieces of information about your business and/or organization.  This will help us to determine some key pieces of knowledge that will be kept very private and secure and used only by NLITA to help assess and determine next steps for communicating information back to you as well as organizing future activities, events and planning strategies.

We thank you for your time and support and look forward to working with you, your business and your teams in the very near future!

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