NLITA – the Newfoundland and Labrador Indigenous Tourism Association has arrived.


Our working group has built a plan based on the voices heard through our sincere attempt to engage with industry, partners and most importantly, Indigenous communities, 91% of whom agreed that an Indigenous tourism association would be an asset for their communities and/or businesses to help them prosper and reconcile with the past. Based on the additional findings of the engagement process, as well as by means of strong leadership and organizational planning, NLITA has identified 9 strategic directions as a result of careful listening which will keep us grounded and on course:

1. Grassroots Tourism Support
2. Cultural Preservation
3. Indigenous Inclusion
4. Governance & Leadership
5. Marketing & Branding
6. Product Development
7. Partnership Development
8. Education & Awareness
9. Capacity Building & Training.

Through these 9 strategic directions inspired by our grassroots approach to tourism development, NLITA will be in a strong position to serve its members by offering guidance and solutions on their aspirations to develop and enhance their tourism offerings. NLITA will provide a platform for opportunities for community level stakeholders to influence how Indigenous tourism is developed and recognized in Newfoundland and Labrador, ensuring outcomes are based on Indigenous values while preserving traditional knowledge and culture.

Our leadership and governance will employ sound fiscal policies and practices to ensure that NLITA is built on a
foundation of sustainability and integrity, able to lead the province’s Indigenous tourism industry for generations
to come. In fact, it is anticipated that the association’s 1st year operating budget will be at $455,000 (.45%) which
is conservative, and less than the overall average of those provinces supporting an indigenous association.

Our plan is mindful that Indigenous tourism is the fastest growing tourism sector in Canada, and that we need to be
in the best position possible to respond to, support, and lead our province’s Indigenous tourism market.  We have held ourselves accountable by planning and aligning our efforts with key measurements of success, considerate of regional, provincial, and national agendas, recognizing that success will ultimately be measured by producing indigenous experiences and supporting our cultural entrepreneurs.

The outcome will provide tangible socio-economic benefits for our Indigenous members and communities alike. It’s not just about us, our efforts will have a positive impact our entire province’s social and economic success. We will do this together by supporting our communities, increasing revenues and jobs, all while enhancing Newfoundland & Labrador’s overall successful tourism brand.

We will move forward, committed to working together and striving for improvement. This brochure captures highlights of 2019 5-Year Strategy which provides a route for us to prosper, and paints an impelling picture for
supporting our industry’s future. We invite you to read and discover, and welcome you to walk alongside as we
embark on our important journey.

NLITA Leadership & Board of Directors


Tara Saunders - Qalipu Nation.png

Tara Saunders
Qalipu Mi'kmaw Nation
NLITA Chairperson

Jillian Larkham - Nunatsiavut.jpg

Jillian Larkham
Tourism Nunatsiavut
NLITA Vice Chair

Roxanne Knotley - Nunacor.png

Roxanne Notley
Tourism Nunacor 
NLITA Secretary

Pete Barrett.jpg

Peyton Barrett
Experience Labrador
NLITA Treasurer

Daphne March - ShamaSha.jpg

Daphne March

Colleen Lambert - Miawpukek.jpg

Colleen Lambert
Miawpukek Tourism


Robert Bernard
ITAC Atlantic Region